Hair story

As a kid, my sister and I were considered to have great hair. Of course, we loved this because every time we went to the salon, hairdressers would urge us to let them do our hair. If our hair wasn’t in cornrows then it was blow-dried bone straight…*cringe* .

When I was 9, after months of begging, my mother finally let me get a relaxer. Best Day of my life. When I went to school, I would whip my hair back and forth with all the pride.

Fast forward to age 19, I decided to stop relaxing my hair…only because I got lazy. Yes, it grew but it was not at all healthy.. The heat damage and the split ends that I had…guurrrl!! I was still doing the bone straight blow drying but I guess one good thing was that I started to use carrot oil… sadly, not because I knew of the benefits but because it made my hair soft.

In 2010, I went back to the creamy crack after I met Babu, The hair whisperer. My Lawd!! He made my hair amahzing!! I loved it. I played around with it, cut it, got bangs, highlights, grew it out…I had a ball!!

Finally, in 2012 I realized that I was tired of the relaxer. My man aim for stopping was and has been to realize my natural hair’s full potential. I transitioned for until this January, when chopped off my chemicalized (is that even a word?) ends. I’ve been fully natural ever since.

I decided to start this blog to help me properly document my health journey, with emphasis on my hair. Here, I intend to post what I do to my hair i.e my regimen. Hopefully this will help me see what I need to change, and what is going well.

Thanks for reading,



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