Really, Nasi???

Wow…what a let down. I started this blog so I could document my hair journey, and track my progress. looks like the minute I hit post, I forgot all about it. and now, 2 years, 6 months and 2 days later, I’m like “ok so how far did I get?”…the answer…nowhere…all of the damns!!! well, not exactly nowhere..there’s just barely any record of the progress…

I’m now focusing on looking at my growth as a person since 2014….taking stock and all that jazz. so I’m gonna dig up all the photos I’ve taken since I big chopped (BC’d) and go from there. i’m hoping that I’ll be able to document some important things that have gone down, which will help me make a plan and assure myself that i’m not too bad at adulting…Lol.

Also my hair is doing pretty well, considering the only constants:

  1. washday is every fortnight
  2. I’m more deliberate with how and when I moisturize my hair
  3. I consider myself trigger happy when it comes to cutting (“dusting”) my hair…those split ends must go!
  4. I. Do. Not. Comb. Dry. Hair.

SO I guess that’s where I’ll leave this for now…Homework: Find pics from Jan 2014.



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