For Kicks

17/4/2017…the day I first felt you move.

Hey Munchkin,

You’re growing so fast, honey…my goodness!! And your kicks/ movements are getting stronger. The doctor says you’re looking good…your heartbeat is strong!! Your dad loves feeling you kick and dance around…especially after we have something to eat…that’s my baby..Mealtime is the best time!! you seem to be responding to your dad’s laugh too..because that’s when you come alive…I guess we have that in common.

I’m just getting the hang of sleeping at night..though i’m told, i’d better enjoy it because as you continue to get bigger, it will get harder…no complaints though, daddy showed me the best position for my back, so i’m getting the best rest of my life.

I cant’  wait to see you, Munch…counting the days with so much excitement…that’s why  I keep lightly tapping my belly…just to communicate with you…to let you know i’m here waiting for you.

Sending you butterfly kisses,

Your loving Mama.



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